Storage Heater Repairs

Storage Heater Repairs Edinburgh

AEW offers a storage heater repair service in the Edinburgh area for the residential,rental and commercial customers.

Also due to new Lot 20 regulations AEW is unable to install new storage heaters.

New LOT 20 regulations

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Due to warranty issues  AEW is unable to get involved with    customers who want to supply their own equipment.
Storage Heater

What is a storage heater ?

Storage heaters have heat retaining bricks fitted inside along with  electric heater elements. They utilise overnight cheap rate off peak electricity that allows the bricks to charge up with heat then release this during the day.

How do storage heaters work ?

Well, most heaters have 2 dials an Input and an Output.  Depending on the outside temperature they can be set to take a short or long charge via the input dial. So, for example, this would be set for say 3 at the start of winter, then increased to 4-5-6 as the weather gets colder. The output dial should be set to 0 overnight or when the property is not occupied. This is a sensible energy conservation that allows the unit to retain heat until it is required. Click here for an AEW storage heater information sheet or click here for Scottish Energy Trust video on how to get the best out of your storage heaters.

Q.  Are storage heaters a good alternative to gas central heating

A.  No, not really, they were introduced in the 1970,s so as a good way to utilise electricity overnight from power stations that could not be switched off plus they are used in most electric properties.

Q.  So why have them then ?

A.  Well you have to go back to the 70,s when a lot of houses did not or could not have a gas supply . Also, it was a good way of allowing power stations to run through the night. It also took a big electrical load off the peak daytime supply.

How do I operate them

Q.  So, what if I don’t set the output dial to zero or minimum overnight or when I am not in the property.

A.  Think of the storage heater like a torch where you have recharged the batteries. So, you would not switch the torch on when not in use as you would run the batteries down. It would be a waste of energy to leave the dial at say 3 when not required.

Q.  So what should I set the output dial to ?

A.  Well, every individual has their comfort setting when it comes to heat. So, if your storage heater output dial has a 0-6 range on it, then set it to 3 then wait an hour. If not warm enough, then set to 3.5 and wait 30 minutes and so on until you the room achieves your personal comfort level. So, if your level is 3.5 then that’s what to set it for when you arrive home.

Q.  What if my heater loses its heat before I go to bed.

A.  Two things can be wrong here, either you have left the output dial turned up overnight or when not in the property causing the unit to discharge quickly. The input dial has been set too low so the unit does not get a big enough charge.

Q.  My storage heater in the lounge has also a convector heater built in why is that.

A.  It would be uneconomical to operate the storage heater between the seasons when you only need to  raise the room temperature  for a short period of time.

Q.  What’s the most common fault with storage heaters.

A.  Simple people tend to treat storage heaters the same as gas central heating radiators. They tend to place clothes to dry on them. This can cause the unit to trip via its high temperature safety cut out unit or in extreme cases could cause a fire.

Q.  I have dried clothes on my heater for years and have no problem.

A.  I hear this a lot when I get called out to units that have tripped due to more wear and tear on the controls and safety cut out.

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