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Storage Heaters

Well winter is on its way and I am getting more calls to repair storage heaters that normal. People ask is it economical to repair an old heater or better to replace. Heaters are used 6 months of the year and owners do not pay on average £250 per year for a maintenance contract as gas central heating  customers pay. So if your storage heaters are starting to age then it may be wise to start a small repair fund for any future repairs

Check out my storage heater operating instructions  here to get the best out them.

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Been getting a few phone calls recently from customers who have a duel storage heater in the lounge and are not sure how they work.        Basically they a 2 heaters in 1 Storage and Convector (instant) the storage side charges up overnight and is used in the winter months where the convector is used either as a top up to the storage and when there is a cold spell during the summer month.

During the summer months the wall switch for the storage heater should be switched off with the input dial set to midway and the output dial set to minimum. As winter commences   the wall switch should be switched  on .

Frequantly Asked Questions

Q. What is and how do I operate the output dial.

A. This dial sets the rate of discharge heat and should be set to minimum when you go to bed or leave the property. The best way to achieve a comfortable room temperature is to initially set the output dial to midway (3) then leave it for an hour turn it up to to say 4 if you require more heat and when happy with setting use this when the property is occupied.

Q. What is and how do I operate the input dial.

A. This dial sets the rate of overnight charge and as the weather gets colder you need to gradually turn the dial up from say 3 to 4 to 5 . Also if the unit gets cold before you go to bed then the setting is too low if too hot then the setting is to high.

Q. How do I operate the convector heater.

A. There should be an on/off switch on the heater with a control dial and the best way to operate this is to set the dial midway wait 30 minutes and if not warm enough then gradually turn it up until you get a setting your happy with.

Q. Whats wrong with turning the unit to maximum

A. That’s fine if you want to waste energy that costs money but say the dial has a span of 1-6 you may find that 4 is a comfortable setting for you.

Q. Can I dry cloths on the heater.

A. In a word no because you can trip the unit out and this is a common mistake people make as it can cause the unit to trip out and then there’s the cost of getting it repaired.

Q. If I bought my own replacement storage heaters would you fit and connect them for me.

A.  No sorry but due to warranty problems I can no longer offer this service.