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PAT Testing for Edinburgh

AEW PAT testing services serving the local Edinburgh area for Landlords and Letting agents.


There has been some changes to the In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment or PAT as it is commonly known. Via the 4th Edition of the Code of Practice ISI&TEE

As a result, under the CoP Landlords are now classed as the Duty Holder and has to risk assess their property. They now have to define the retest intervals. Also tester may no longer log a re-test date on the equipment label.


Documentation is supplied in electronic form and includes the following:-

  1. PAT testing certificate.This records the equipment status and test results
  2. PAT equipment register.This can be a used as an asset register
  3. PAT faulty equipment register.This in addition helps to document any faulty equipment for audit purposes
  4. PAT repaired equipment register.This records any repairs for audit purposes
  5. PAT tester calibration certificate.This is to certify that the test instrument is within calibration
  6. City & Guilds. Qualification of the individual conducting the test This confirms the tester is qualified

Click on this links below for an example of documentation.

PAT equipment register  This can be used as an asset register

PAT testing certificate  This records the test results


Q. How do I as the Landlord  decide the testing  frequency.

A. Well, you need to assess the condition of the property and electrical equipment and what type of tenants you have. So you may have long term tenants and as a result  feel the test interval should be 18 months. You may have a steady turnover of tenants and feels it should be every 12 months.

Q. Do I as the landlord have to be present during the testing.

A. No just give me the tenants contact details and I will organise the access and report back to you.

Q. As a landlord do I have to test the tenants electrical equipment.

A. It is only the electrical equipment supplied by the landlord that should be tested. This is why an equipment register is created to ensure there is an audit trail for any third party.

Q.  What if an item needs repaired.

A.  Well say there is a damaged plug top I can replace this then record it on the repaired equipment log.

Q. What is the most common repair.

A. That would be fitting the correct fuse rating in a plug top.

Q. Do you keep the documentation on a computer file.

A. A copy is on my computer that is regularly backed up . I also email  you a pdf copy of the documentation for your perusal and records.

Q. What if my property is managed via a letting agent.

A. No problem as long as you inform them you wish to use another contractor that suits you.

Q. Will you organise access with the letting agent.

A. Yes you just need to inform them.

Q. Will you also copy them in with documentation.

A. Yes I can do if you authorise it.

Serving the Edinburgh Area