Energy saving tips

Energy Saving Tips

UK Government announcement

As of the 9th of June 2021 the UK governmentin a energy saving drive has announced that the sale of halogen lightbulbs will end on the 31st of September 2021 reference the BBC website . Also the sale of flourescent tubes will cease in September 2023.

Human Nature

Human nature says I will change them when they expire. Due to the high cost of electricity this thinking is no longer relivent and can be costly as you can see below.

Common Misunderstanding

led lamp
stick eco lamp

“I don’t like energy saving lamps as they take forever to heat up” LED lamps should not be confused with the old CFL lamps as shown on the right. LED technology is instant light the same as a halogen lamp.

LED Lamps

GU10 lamp

LED technology is improving and is now more cost effective so with energy costs continuing to rise this could be a good time to change over.

So, what’s the best way to achieve this ?


Well take a 4 spot track light fitting in a kitchen using
4 x 50w  = 200w  GU10 halogen lamps and you replace
them with 4  x 5w  = 20w  GU10 reflector 340 lumens warm white led lamps. 
If you use them for 3 hours a day then depending what tariff you are on it may cost £32.00p a year yet if you replace them with the equivilent led lamps then the cost will be £3.20p a year. 4 of the led lamps quoted above will cost £9-£12 that means after the first year you would be £20 better off then £29 a year after that.

Also, that’s 1000 hours usage a year so an halogen lamp will last about 18 months where an led lamp will last 25 years.

Also it can be a false economy to wait untill the halogen lamps expire as you need to change them asap to take advantage of the saving.

If you know what tariff you are on then check your running costs at UK Power Electricity Running Cost Calculator

Bin CFL Lamps Now

stick eco lamp
coil eco lamp

These lamps are no longer relivent so bin them now as you can buy a box of 5 warm white led 7.5 w (60w) lamps for £12 and 4 x15w(100w) £16

My advice would be to replace asap and get instant light that will last for years. For free information on where to get them contact me

How do I know what LED lamps to get

Easy get in touch for free advise . Also I am not selling you anything this advise is free of charge and part of the service. see my tips below.

  • When switched on the light output is instant.
  • They will maintain their full output until they fail.
  • You can be disposed of them safely
  • The average lifespan is between 20,000-25,000 hours
  • For free advice and where to get led lamps contact me with your enquiry.

LED making a dent in UK energy demand

Changing over to LED can make a big difference in your carbon footprint and save you money on your energy bills reference this BBC article

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