Energy saving tips

Energy Saving tips


EU Regulations

As from the 1st of September 2018 EU regulations have been introduced to phase out Halogen lamps.

LED Lamps

GU10 lamp
GU10 lamp


LED technology is improving and is now more cost effective so with energy costs continuing to rise this could be a good time to change over.



So, what’s the best way to achieve this ?

Well take a 4 spot track light fitting in a kitchen using
4 x 50w  = 200w  GU10 halogen lamps and you replace
them with 4  x 5w  = 20w  GU10 reflector 340 lumens warm white led lamps.
If you use them for 3 hours a day then depending what tariff you are on it may cost £32.00p a year yet if you replace them with the equivilent led lamps then the cost will be £3.20p a year. 4 of the led lamps quoted above will cost £9-£12 that means after the first year you would be £20 better off then £29 a year after that.

Also, that’s 1000 hours usage a year so an halogen lamp will last about 18 months where an led lamp will last 25 years.

Also it can be a false economy to wait untill the halogen lamps expire as you need to change them asap to take advantage of the saving.

If you know what tariff you are on then check your running costs at UK Power Electricity Running Cost Calculator

CFL Lamps

coil eco lamp
coil eco lamp


stick eco lamp
stick eco lamp



Customers often comment to me that they don’t like energy saving or Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) saying they are too dull.

My advice would be to replace them with the next size up or in other words if you remove a 60 watt incandescent standard bulb the equivalent CFL would be 11 watts but it may be more prudent to replace it with a 14 watt CFL.

Also, incandescent bulbs give 100% output then fail but CFL’s will start to fade so when you see the base of the bulb going black then that may be a good time to replace it and if you still have some of the original CFL bulbs in your house then now could be a good time to replace them with the modern spiral or stick models.

CFL lamps  v  LED lamps

Whats the difference then ? The CFL lamp is essentially a fluorescent light and the pros and cons listed below

  • When switched on they need to heat up.
  • Over the years they can fade.
  • They need to be changed before they fail as they will fade enough to make the lamp less efficient.
  • These contain mercury so have to be disposed of safely.
  • The life span of these lamps are about 5,000-8,000 hours
  • When switched on the light output is instant.
  • They will maintain their full output until they fail.
  • You can be disposed of them safely
  • The average lifespan is between 20,000-30,000 hours

How do I know what LED lamp to use? Good point I would recommend you buy one of each  7 watt, 10 watt & 15 watt warm white lamps then try them out around the house taking a note of what suits you then when happy you can purchase the right lamp for the right location.

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