Energy saving tips with led lamps

New EU Regulations

As 01/09/2018 EU regulations have been introduced to phase out halogen lamps or bulbs. This may sound a bit draconian but due to LED technology this makes a lot of sense for the consumer. So get converting and don’t wait for the old lamp to expire as it is cheaper in the long run to change over to LED.

Also if your not sure get in touch for free advise.

Energy saving with led lamps

Energy will not be getting cheaper any time soon and I get asked what is the best way to save money. Well this can be done via led lamps/bulbs but I hear what about the cost ? but today led technology is getting better and more importantly 50% cheaper. Yes but what about the running cost I hear well here is an example you have 4 x 50watt halogen lamps in your kitchen that if you use for 3 hours a day then depending on your tariff this would cost £32 per year yet if you paid £16 for 4 x 5 watt led lamps then the running cost would be £3.20p per year. That’s a 90% saving

Q. So what if I cannot afford to convert the whole house ?

A. Easy pick the lights you use the most in the house and convert them first.

Q. What if I need some advise how much will it cost.

A. Nothing you can contact me and advise is free

Q. Is there any other benefits to led lamps

A. Well the example above if you convert the kitchen the lamps will last 25 years yes this in not a misprint you will save £13 in the first year then £29 per year for the next 24 years if the tariff stay the same and more if it increases.

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