Landlord Information Downloads

For the Landlord or Letting agent it can be costly calling out service companies if the tenant does not understand how some of the  equipment located in the property works . To assist with this  information sheets created and developed by AEW Electrical to help, aid and assist both  landlords  and tenants with regards to understanding how to operate equipment in the rental property.

Landlords have to comply with more regulations it can be a bit stressful when you have a change of tenant so to help with this task I have created a  check sheet to allow the landlord to check , the electrical system, legionella,PAT,fire and CO2 detection.

Click on the highlighted text or picture to view or download the relevant PDF information sheet.


LOT20 regulations What is this

As of the 1st of January 2018 new regulation come into place for electric heating please click see the video below.

Strorage heater controls

Storage heater operating instructions

Please see the Energy Saving Scotland Advise Centre Storage heater video below on how to get the best out of them

Off Peak Water Heater

Off Peak hot water control information

EBX7 or ECO7 Hot water control

MK consumer unit

MK consumer unit reset instructions

Wylex consumer unit

Wylex consumer unit reset instructions

Change of tenant checklist

Change of tenant checlist


Q.  Why did you create these guides.

A. To aid tenants understand the equipment and as aid for the landlord / letting agent.

Q.  What if I am looking for instructions on a certain piece of equipment.

A.  No problem note the make and model and if not sure email me a picture and I will do my best to source a copy.

Q.  What does this service cost.

A.  Nothing its part of the customer service I provide

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