Do you use middlemen companies

Middlemen or lead generation electrical repair companies

I get asked a lot why I do not work for these middlemen lead generation or emergency home repair companies and the answer is quite simple Cost for me and the customer. To be cost effective paying for a franchise or lead generator company ultimately the customer pays for what I see is a system that pays to promote a certain type of business that does not necessary guarantee a good service. That why I am registered with and as the name suggests this is a free service that connects customers with local tradespeople who want to pay local rates without the markup of middlemen companies. This site also provides customer reviews/feedback to help and assist selection. Click here for AEW freeindex site.

Customer reviews

There has been a lot in the news about big companies using false reviews and I get asked how can the customer trust the reviews I get on Freeindex.  My approach to business is good customer focus  and service so when a customer is good enough to leave a review I am grateful. So whats to stop you getting multiple reviews from the same person. Good question but Freeindex works on a system of email and the IP address of the computer that the review was written so if there is a second attempt from the same computer then the Freeindex system stops it.