Change of tenant checklist for Landlords

I have been asked by some landlords if I can create a checklist that will allow them to record their safety checks for auditing and record purposes. Click here for a copy.

Change of tenant checklist

So lets go through it section by section

  • Property  Landlord details Straight forward the address of the rental property and landlords details.
  • Fire Protection There is 4 sections to complete
  • Location Where the sensor is sited
  • Replacement date This is useally on the side of the sensor and is handy to record to ensure unit gets changed.
  • Battery date The date battery was change or sensor fitted. it is prudent to replace the battery every 2 years as this could be costly if tenant calls out the maintenance company on a weekend.
  • Test operation Press the test button on the sensor to confirm operation and signaling to other sensors.
  • Co2 Protection  As per the Fire protection checks
  • RCD safety breaker checks  If there is a safety breaker fitted it is recommended by the manufacturer  that these be tested every 3 months.
  • Legionella Checks If you have a combi boiler then with a stopwatch and thermometer record the temperature of the hot tap furthest away from the boiler and record the cold tap furthest away from the main stopcock.
  • Shower head checks Disconnect each shower head and hose and steep them for 15 minutes in a bucket of cold water with a dilution of bleach (1 capfull)
  • Vacant property flush through cycle This should be completed before a new tenant moves in after the property has been vacant for a period
  • Print  Signature Date The person conducting the checks should sign and date this section. Then file this in your property folder.